Media Trends 2022

Digital media usage continues to rise, anticipating 54% of media time spent in 2022.

Mobile devices continue to be the top device for media consumption, with connected TV’s starting to takeover some video viewership from mobile. In 2024, adults are estimated to spend 38% of their daily media time on mobile activities (up 3.5% from 2021).

Traditional vs. Digital Media: Average time spent in Canada, 2012-2024

Across the board traditional media like TV, radio and print are losing time each year.


TV will decrease 3.7% in avarage daily time spent.

Digital video time has 36% from five years ago


in 2022 the average daily radio listenership will shrink 1.8%.


The connected TV ad market is sizzling with 29% growth in 2022.

This year spending will be up almost sevenfold from the last five years.


The Google-Meta duopoly will capture 67.8% of digital ad spending.

Mobile will make up 79% of the digital ad market.